Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss services offered in Austin, TX

About 75% of Americans struggle with extra weight today. At Revive Medspa and Clinic, experienced medical director Sanjeev Dubey, MD, offers medical weight loss in an elegant, comfortable, spa-like environment. Dr. Dubey can help with all aspects of weight loss, from making smart food choices to supporting your bodywide health and preventing nutrient deficiencies. To learn how you can hit your goals and boost your health, call the Austin, Texas, office or click on the online scheduler now. 


Rejuvenate means to grow back. In the anti-aging sphere, regenerate specifically refers to skin and hair restoration. But, the word regenerate can also refer to other types of health restoration, including nail growth and strengthening and whole-body restoration. 

For example, the Rejuvenate intravenous (IV) therapy infusions at Revive Medspa and Clinic can support healthy brain and body function as well as hair, skin, and nail restoration. 

Regenerate infusions replenish ideal levels of the nutrients that contribute to hair, skin, and body restoration. The infusions include natural rehydrating substances along with ingredients such as:

  • Vitamin A for scalp-nourishing sebum.
  • B vitamins like biotin for oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the scalp and nails.
  • Vitamin C fights free radicals that damage skin and disrupt hair growth.
  • Vitamin D helps repair skin damage and improve hair follicle health.
  • Vitamin E oxygenates the blood and fights skin and hair aging.
  • Zinc supports skin repair and growth and keeps oil glands near hair follicles working.

Additionally, glutathione, selenium, niacin, fatty acids, folic acid, magnesium, and other nutrients can support your hair, skin, and whole-body health and wellness.

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