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Alternative intravenous (IV) therapy is one of the newest treatments for hair loss, and it can offer impressive results in as little as a few months. At Revive Medspa and Clinic, practice director Sanjeev Dubey, MD, offers this exciting new treatment option to patients who want a natural, easy, drug-free, and no-downtime way to regrow their hair. To learn how alternative IV therapy can help you, call the Austin, Texas, office or use the booking feature online now.  

Alternative IV Therapy Q & A

What is alternative IV therapy?


Alternative intravenous (IV) therapy is an innovative new treatment that delivers powerful biological substances into your bloodstream to revitalize thinning hair. 


This alternative method of hair therapy can reduce inflammation, stimulate your body’s internal healing mechanisms, improve scalp-area circulation, and help you grow healthier, stronger, and thicker hair. 




What are the alternative IV therapy ingredients?


Alternative IV therapy contains extracellular vesicles — cellular messengers derived from the human body’s most powerful cells. 


Those “master” cells can regenerate any tissue in the human body, including inactive hair follicles. They secrete growth factors, enzymes, proteins, and cytokines that improve scalp health and promote hair growth.  


Because extracellular vesicles come from those powerful parent cells, they have the same remarkable healing properties. Extracellular vesicles are like microscopic bubbles that can travel quickly and deliver their contents where they’re needed. In fact, extracellular vesicles are better than cells in some ways because they can cross barriers that cells cannot. 


At Revive Medspa and Clinic, Dr. Dubey uses a highly concentrated solution of purified extracellular vesicles in alternative IV therapy. A 4.5 cc treatment course is $2,700, and a 9 cc course is $4,500. 


This provides a safe non-cell treatment that delivers impressive results for hair loss. 




What is the alternative IV therapy process like?


Alternative IV therapy takes place in the comfortable Revive Medspa and Clinic office. You receive the IV therapy through a tiny puncture in an inner elbow vein. 


The bag of fluids, which contains billions of extracellular vesicles, drips into your bloodstream slowly. You can relax, nap, read a book, or do whatever you like during treatment. 


Alternative IV therapy takes only about 40 minutes, and there’s no downtime needed.




When will my hair grow back after alternative IV therapy treatments?


New hair can appear in as little as one or two months. After three months, most patients have fuller and thicker hair.


Many people also experience an improvement in overall hair health and appearance, so even people who don’t have thinning hair are choosing alternative IV therapy to get shinier, bouncier, and more volumized hair.


Revive Medspa and Clinic offers a complete range of hair loss treatments, from medication to laser therapy to the newest methods, like alternative IV therapy. You can have a full head of hair again, so call the office or book your appointment using online scheduling now. 

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